Voice Command Elevator Kit - Voicebox


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Language Support

Developed software is capable of perceiving phrases such as “Elevator, Second Floor” or “Elevator, Floor Two” in different language support options.

Compatible with all elevators

Voicebox is compatible with all elevator types and can be integrated without any issues.

Quick Installation

Installed and integrated in 30 minutes.


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It is an innovative kit that allows users to control elevators with voice commands.

With its modular structure, all elevators, regardless of the old or new, can be easily installed and provide you with a contactless elevator experience.

Life Without Disabilities

Voicebox offers accessibility by supporting life without disabilities.


Avoid diseases caused by viruses and bacteria by reducing contact with the Voicebox to zero.


Get one floor closer to the future with Voicebox, enjoy a unique experience.


Voicebox does not jeopardize safety

Voicebox is installed without interfering with any of the elements such as elevator brain, power panel, brake blocks, or floor sensors and does not risk elevator safety.


It is compatible with all elevator models.

After the installation, the button functions are preserved and thus the elevator can be controlled with both voice commands and buttons.

Call the elevator with help of a sensor

Reduce contact to the
zero by sensor

Control the elevator with your voice commands

With hand sensors placed on every floor level, users can call the elevator without touching the buttons.


Technical Specifications

Power : 220 V
Supported floor number : In between -10 and 80
Dimensions : 290x265x90 mm
Weight: : 3 Kg
Mic cable length : 6 Meters
Mic Sensivity : -30dB +/- 3dB / 0dB=1V/Pa

Voicebox is now everywhere !



Airports and terminals

Public institutions